21 highest threats in security services
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21 highest threats in security services

Top security company executives made a conclusion and rank the security threats according to their severeness in the industrial businesses.

Security company deploys security system and manpower for a contract period to meet their objectives.

The managers of a security company faces all sorts of security threats that require attentions. Ranking of threats was done by the security executives resulting as workplace threats stands at the top. This was proven by a study on fortune 1000 companies shows the same result.

Here are the list of the threats and their ranks.

  • Workplace violence
  • Business interruption and business continuity planning
  • Computer crime internet/intranet security
  • Terrorism (global and domestics)
  • Employee selection and screening processes
  • white-collar crime and fraudulent
  • General employee theft
  • Unethical business conduct
  • Drugs/alcohol in the workplace
  • Identity theft
  • Crisis management & response: political unrest/regional ins
  • External theft and vandalism in property
  • Computer crime: hardware theft
  • Sexual harassment issues
  • Computer crime: software theft
  • Business espionage: theft of trade secrets
  • Insurance/workers’ compensation fraud
  • Litigation: inadequate security liability
  • Crisis management && response: kidnapping/extortion
  • Litigation: negligent hiring
  • Cargo/supply-chain theft (logistics)
  • Product diversion/transshipment
  • Crisis management & response: product contamination & tampering

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