Security and Prevention from Coronavirus in Malaysia

Security and Prevention from Covid-19 in Malaysia

Security guards are the front liner that is facing the public at time. Since the covid -19 , Security guards ought to prepare and learn the important of security and prevention from coronavirus in Malaysia.

Prevention steps  for coronavirus or Covid-19 for public. 

  1. Avoid public place if you can
  2. Keep a distance from people who is sneezing or coughing
  3. prepare handkerchief, tissues, face mask and sanitize cream  at all time
  4. Don’t touch your face. If necessary tie a string or rubber band to remind you from touching your face.
  5. Wash your hand frequently
  6.  Once you are back from work put your clothes for washing immediately and take bath.
  7. Keep the hospital emergency contacts dedicated for covid-19 with you at all time.
  8. Stay away from Wet Market if can. If can’t avoid then wear a mask and keep your money separately as bank  notes exchanged in the market contains bacteria and viruses.
  9. Stay away from touching animals at farm or in the wild.
  10. Always remind your friends and spread public awareness to your friends and loved ones.
  11. Get yourself updated the Covid-19 guidelines from Ministry of Health Malaysia and don’t listen to rumors.

Security guards preparation for Covid-19

  1.  Keep hospital emergency response hotline for Covid-19 which is still 999
  2. Wears a full face mask while working in a highly affected place or area.
  3. Prepare a room just in-case any suspects for quarantine and call the emergency response.
  4. Keep extra face mask just in-case you saw a person sneezing or coughing
  5. Wear hand glove while working and put it for wash after work.
  6. Keep hand sanitizer gel in case not able to wash hand
  7. Suggest the property owner to get disinfect services for their building from time to time

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