Security company to prepare for coronavirus outbreak
Security guard taking temperature reading of a visitor

Security company to prepare for coronavirus outbreak

Security company in Malaysia should start implementing steps to prevent the public from coronavirus outbreak. This must be done fast to safe our clients and public.

Security provider should prepare to act on the coronavirus outbreak as below:-

Prepare notice

As a Guard provider, you should prepare signage’s, notice board and add new operating procedure to alert the public from people infected with Coronavirus.

Train your guards

Train your guard to identify symptoms of coronavirus such as fever, shortness of breath and cough.

An infected person can show symptoms as early as 2 days to 14 days. in such cases a guard should report to the management immediately.

Follow rules

Security guard should protect himself from virus exposure by maintaining a social distance from visitors.

Security guard should practice proper hygiene steps example washing hand and avoid touching face.

Keep Clean always

Security guard should wash their clothes and clean their security gears at all time.

Emergency Number

Guard should keep coronavirus Emergency response telephone number at all time.

Other safety gears

Safety gear for security guards to fight coronavirus as follows:-

  • Security guard should wear glove
  • Mask 3 ply or N95
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Thermal gun to check temperature from a distance
  • Screening Questionnaires for the visitors
  • Temporary quarantine room prepare with all supplies to detain suspects
  • check visitor’s temperature and stick color sticker as an indication.

Safety rules brochure

Guard provider must prepare brochure for all visitors about safety rules and the do and don’t of the building.

As one of Leader in the industry, Nashkawi security has taken all this steps to protect our own guards and our clients.

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