The Story Behind a
Security Guard

Security guard in Malaysia typically does everything to keep up the safety of your property at all time. 

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a security guard is a person you give the highest responsibility
for a lesser cost. They are trained by government authority such
as These guards then undergo training organized by the government
authority such as KDN, Police and PIKM. They will be then given
job by the security Company. 

“Trust the person that protects you, Your loved ones and your property, Such man is no other than a Security Guard”

Security Company usually provides Security guard with Uniform, 
Transport & Hostel. Hostel are normally equipped with Bed,
Bed Sheet, Blanket, Locker, Iron, Iron board, cooking facility,
Cooking utensils, Gas, washing machine and Fridge.
Beside Uniform, Security guards are also equipped with Security
apparels such as Whistle, walkie talkies, baton, clocking device,
touch light and rain coat. 
A security guard in Kuala Lumpur are paid approximately RM1200.00
basic salary for the 8hours & RM900.00  for the fixed overtime
4 hours with a total of RM2100.00
Malaysian Security Guard Nepalese Guards Nashkawi Security 
Services seriously. we don't compromise on quality and will
always focus to get candidates who is ex-army or Ex-police.
this will give us some credit on performance and quality of
security service.