Our Training

Security guard training is essential for our company. Security guards goes for all sort of training, this training will increase their knowledge in security guarding.

Recent Training

We have organize a few training session for in-House as soon they were recruited.

Mont Kiara

Petaling Jaya

Johor Bahru

“I am impressed with my security provider.”

Nashkawi is a well prepared security company. They frequently train their guards and that's good for my factory. I will definitely recommend anyone to consider them.
Plant Manager
Rashid osman

The Workshop

 The other most important thing is to train them at their respective assignment e.g. Standard Operating Procedure at the their site

Local Security guards

We believe that the constant training will increase their performance and consistency in quality of service. Many fail to understand that training should be ongoing, If you train guards once and hope that the do a miracle at their work will end up with guards lack consistency.

Key Performance index (KPI) is done every month for the guards to see their performance in all aspect.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso