Static guard service in Malaysia

Nashkawi Static Guard service

Static guards are unarmed guards for example they do not carry any fire arms. It is the most common security service in the country. Nashkawi provides professional Static guards which has impress our clients. We recruit and train them before placing them in an assignment.

Advantage of Nashkawi static guard service

Nashkawi provides uniformed security guard, IT solution apps that help security service is reported in real time, Technology such as Drone Surveillance, Patrolling device, Visitor Management System. Nashkawi exposes the security guards with all their technology and IT solution so the guards can learn more things and become better.

Static guards placement

Static guards are normally placed in the property area such as residential property, commercial building, schools, hotels, factories and etc.

Advantage of Static guard compare to armed guard

Static guards are lower at cost compare to armed guard. They are easier to deploy too.


Nashkawi Static Guard in Industrial area

Guards rank

Security guard service normally comes with ranks such as Security Supervisor, Security Officer, Assistant Security Officer and finally Security personnel. In unarmed security service ranks are derived from number of years working in security fields and training attended.

Static guards training

Training for unarmed guards are done by KDN and PIKM for example PIKM provides certified security guard training which is recognized by Home Ministry and those training certified by the Malaysia Human resource training programs.

Guards uniform

Uniform is a significant for security services thus Government has standardize the static guards uniform. Although the uniforms are standard but a security company can differentiate their guards by adding accessories and gears such as plain beret, beret with feathers, caps, hat, belt, cross shoulder belt, weasel, type of baton, Type of flashlight, Type of boots, Type of lanyards and Etc.