What is local guard? Local guard means Malaysian who is working as a security guard.

Ketua Pengawal
Local Security Officer


Static means a guard is station at one place for example a guard is protecting a specific building.


Our guard are an Ex army and Ex police force in addition they have gone for training and have good discipline.


They speak well in both Malay and English compare to Nepal Foreign guard. They can easily communicate with authority if any emergency such as fire or theft attempt.


Malaysian guards are usually tough to find because most of them has different job.


This candidates are mostly trained but there are no end to training therefore new training are always available for them. If guards attend training they will get promotion and their wedges will be high therefore one must complete 240 hours training per year to meet our basic qualification.


Guard wedges are always high. for example an experience static guard can draw up to RM3200.00 per month.


Most of their roles will be mending the entrance and exit of a building, patrolling and watch the CCTV. They have to register visitors, patrol from time to time, write hourly and daily report in short a guard to protect the people and property.

Nashkawi recruit some of the best local candidate and turn them to super security guard. We welcome any company or organization to interview our guard for your own satisfaction before hiring them.