Unarmed Security Service

Static guards are the most common guards you see everywhere, they are in white uniform and they are unarmed. Among them are patrolling guards. Although you see them as commoners but they are the highest in demand.

Type of Training

A security guard typically go thru a few training programs such as CSG (certified security guards) and Train Nepal Guards (TNG).

Security service

Security guard services has various sectors for example Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Each sectors have different operating procedures.

Patrolling guards

This guards are mainly for surveillance purposes. they possess motorcycles or patrol cars for their duty. They usually monitor the operations of a few sites.

Security surveillance Gears

Surveillance guarding has a few gears like clocking device, bodycam, torch lights, reflector uniform and batons.


Bodycam is essential for guard patrol duty. It records incident during patrolling.

Clocking Device

Patrolling clocking device is for a prove that the guard are present at the particular time so if there is an incident take place you are able to view the time log from the device.

Guards attitude

We consider the most important to have good attitude beside training and knowledge. A patrolling supervisor need to have the right attitude towards the operation.

Right attitude

A patrolling guy must be able to converse politely and firmly. Able to command and knows the operating procedure for each assignments.

Operating procedure

Standard operating procedure for a patrolling supervisor is to spot check the static guards, check if the duties are done properly according to the customers agreement and provide report to security company management.

Customer’s need

A few type of customer who wants patrolling guard. Site surveillance to check on the safety and security of the site, check property during night, weekends and public holidays.

Patrolling guard cost to customer

it can be either expensive or cheap for example if you have an empty property that require security guards you may hire them full time or you can hire a patrolling guard service so the guard only check on routine instead being there 24hours, well this is a cheaper option.

You also can hire them for a 24 hours surveillance where 2 guards works on 12 hours shift watching your property from inside and perimeter of your residential.