Security Guard doing Covid-19 screening at the entrance of the Residential Property

Security company has to be more proactive into curbing the unwanted guest in to residential property in malaysia.

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By Alex

Although Malaysia is in the movement control you still can’t control the visitors that are coming to your gated property.

Yes!! there are many like Grab food, suppliers of essentials, courier service to deliver your merchandise from online purchasing. 

With the increase cases Covid-19 has put the security to impose a strict rules for all the incoming residence who is coming back from work.

Nashkawi security guards are equipped with mask, hand glove, sanitizer and temperature gun to check the courier man’s temperature.

If it is above the optimal temperature then he or she will be asked to leave. 

Residence are requested disinfect to your packages before touching them.

For example, you can leave your packages under the sun for hours before touching them.  

“in the gated residential property residents need to be careful of your courier & the packages that comes together”

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