Security Service in Malaysia
Security guards

Security Service in Malaysia

75% of spending for protection goes to man-guarded services compared to all other security service in Malaysia. Although these activities require the support of equipment and technology, but the bulk of the expenditures are for direct compensation and benefits of man-guard and their support.

Manned guard-based services may be divided into five categories:

Security guard services

This category covers a number of protection workers with different responsibilities, including extensive public service contact (“officers) assets protection specialists (“guards”); receptionists; patrol officers; executive protection personnel;watchmen; timekeepers; and others. These man guard are visible so it act as deterrent and other man service may work as back end support as a detector to report when incident occurs.

Central monitoring services

The computing revolution changes the way organizations to monitor people, places, and events with efficiency and accuracy. Although most of this job can be done by software but you still need an experience security officer to analyse and act on incident such as burglary, fire, break-in and workplace violation.

Private investigation services

In the past, investigators were linked to the resolution of specific losses. That’s still true, but assignments faced by contemporary investigators are broader. Investigators today are much more likely to conduct evaluations to make sure that corporate policies are maintained, such as by assuring that licensing fees and payments are properly documented. Investigators are frequently essential in due diligence fact-finding (that is, the vigilant care needed in a
given situation) prior to acquiring an asset or related to litigation
involving an organization. This category of contracted service continues to grow in importance tor proprietary security programs.

Armored security services

This is an important service for transporting valuables using armored car. In addition to transporting cash, these services provide activities such as the servicing of automated teller machines (ATMs) and the transporting of high-value non-cash assets like jewelry and computer chips and documents moreover they also handle aspects of cash management for financial organizations.

Consultancy services

A security operations managers often become to consultants with special expertise for guidance therefore most major industries uses them to guide and solve their security issues.

For example Data protection and financial investigation are type of problem solved by the consultant.  Consultant can provide solution for internal security management, intellectual property protection, setting up standard operating procedures and etc.

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