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Security Guard Service in Johor

Nashkawi is a security company incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act 1965 on 10th June 1994 that provides 24-hour uniformed and disciplines guarding service. Nashkawi is now a member of Security company in Johor Bahru (JB). The guards we provide are trained to be proactive and productive in carrying out their duties and majority of them have been with Nashkawi Security since its incorporation.

Our Security company in Johor Bahru will embark on the following services such as  unarmed security services, armed security services and CIT services.

Our Operation Manager and Security Officers are experienced in handling various security issues. They are always available to attend to the clients’ queries and concern on the security issues. The Security Officers are also responsible to brief the guards on their duties and to instill discipline on the guards.


The Patrolling Officer, who is also the Educational Officer would be performing constant spot checks throughout the day to prevent any omission by the guards on duty. He is also tasked to take charge of thee guards welfare, leave / duty roster and to resolve any problems related to the guards.



To provide best customized security solutions/ packages to our clients.

To train our security personnel to be proactive in carrying out their duties and to closely monitor their performance to ensure high standards of the security service provided.



Punctual in commencing duty as instructed by the Chief Security Officer.

Properly dressed in the uniform provided.

To be polite to occupants and visitors.

Basic knowledge in writing and reading in BM/ English.

Age limit: 18-55 years for Malaysian

Age limit: 25-43 years for Nepalese

Free from criminal records and drug abuse




To ensure the Security Personnel’s high standard of discipline.

To provide training and educate the Security Personnel on day-to-day security measures.

To conduct daily inspection/ spot check on the Security Personnel and the surrounding of the client’s remises

To conduct investigation on the security incidences and to maintain record on such incidences.

To maintain secrecy on incident and investigation report.

To take disciplinary action against the Security Personnel for their misconduct (including

termination of employment).

To assist, coordinate and communicate with the relevant authorities (including PDRM) on

security related matters.

To recommend to clients with regards to the enhancement/ improvement on the security


To research and plan on the suitable security system for the clients.

We can provide you with customized security solutions.

Nepal Guard Service

Our Top range Nepal security guards trained in Commercial, Industrial and Residential. 

Security guard services Malaysia
Guard Service

Local Guards

Malaysian Security guards mostly Ex-military and police. Civilian are also hired mostly educated, trained for elite security situation and also safety. 

Patrolling Services

Patrolling services for customer who required to check on their retail outlet, home, office, land, small factory and Etc. This services are available for 24hours. Guard will check your premises and clock in the report using patrolling gadget to notify the owner on real time.

Nepal Guard Malaysia

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